If you are planning a trip to Florida, you want to make sure you have everything you need ready to go so that you enjoy and experience all that Florida has to offer to the maximum. Follow this list below of all what to bring with you and be fully prepared for the most magical place on Earth!


Below are the items that are going to help you while traveling. Aside from the long flights, time spent at the airport as well as organizing your journey to your accommodation, a vacation in Florida can often mean a good amount of time spent on the road, be it traveling to the beaches, hitting the parks or looking for the attractions that are a little off the beaten track. These are the items we would suggest to make your time traveling that little bit easier.

BOACAY Travel Document Organizer

This roomy and lightweight organizer is superb for keeping the documents secure for the whole family. With compartments big enough to also store boarding passes, you really can organize and store all of your flight documents in one easy to manage holder.

There are also additional slots for bank and credit cards meaning everything you may need for your journey will be easy to access. As if this wasn't enough, the material is waterproof!

With compartments included for cash, change and a pen, this really could be an extremely useful and multi functional wallet for anybody to use.

There are plenty of color options for you to choose from so you can pick the wallet that suits you best.

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Sleep Mask

A sleep mask is always a suggestion we would have on long haul flights. It may not be used on the flight out, as these flights are often during the day and the excitement of going on vacation will likely mean no one is planning on getting any sleep. However, for the flight back, especially if flying back to Europe, you may find your flight goes through the night with you landing the next morning at your destination. If this is the case, the lights will be dimmed on the plane but it is not always enough to guarantee being able to get that much needed rest.

You can find sleep masks in many different places online, in all kinds of styles, colors and designs so take a look around and find your perfect mask for the trip!

Portable Device Charger

This item is quickly becoming a new essential item in any fairly long journey. Such is the way of life now that devices play such an important role. Whether its a form of entertainment during the slower times in the journey, a way to keep up with any traffic or flight delays as well as being able to store important documents you may need, smart phones and tablets have so many important uses and are pretty much owned by everyone now, with people owning multiple in many cases.

If this sounds like you too, then packing these portable chargers is a recommendation we cannot make enough! There are great items out there for any device whether its an Apple connection or Mini USB connection. Take a look at the best selection of chargers below:

Apple device charger - iWalk small portable charger for phones, iPads and Airpods

Mini USB charger - YHO mini Portable Charger